William H. King

William H. King

William H. King is a Memphis, Tennessee based businessperson,

contributing to the community

over 10 years experience working with county clerks, tax assessors,

tax collectors, sheriff's offices, secretaries of state, and other state, and federal agencies across the country.   commercial real estate

He is a member of Park Avenue Masonic Lodge in Memphis,

Al Chymia Shrine Club in Memphis

United States Geological Service volunteer

greeted new citizens at naturalization ceremony, Meals on Wheels 

helping inner city kids learn to read

publishes Tennessee Voices for The Poetry Society of Tennessee. 

an honor graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in business and earned several academic awards and scholarships.

American Economic Association, James Monroe Foundation

in 2016 he was Independent candidate for the Tennessee Legislature 

coordinator for the Beta Gamma Sigma Area Alumni Network

Extra, Bluff City Law, Season 1, Episodes 2 and

reading books